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Hey there, Welcome to Notes of Yore!

On this website, you’ll find a number of articles that revolve around tabletop RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as some useful resources for your campaigns. The site is still new, so bear with me as I build out the rest of it (Mostly finished, but I’m not super happy with this homepage yet.)

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  • Unconscious in 5e - Man on floor Unconscious

    Unconscious in 5E – Beautiful, Blissful Sleep

    Unconscious in 5e DND is an excellent crowd control mechanic for fighting large groups. It is also the last step before the death of a character.

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  • Stunned in 5E DND

    Stunned in 5E – Causes, Counters, and a Monk’s Best Friend

    Stunned in 5E is a pretty rough condition to be inflicted with. With this post, you’ll learn about the creatures, spells, and other causes of it.

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  • Restrained in 5e DND

    Restrained in 5e – How Bad is it, and How to Counter It

    Learn about the Restrained Condition in 5E DND. Counters and Causes, for GMs and players alike!

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  • Prone in 5e

    Prone in 5e – How Bad is it, and What Causes it?

    How bad is the Prone Condition in 5e D&D? Well, there are a ton of causes but really only two counters to it. But you can simply stand back up on your turn.

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  • Poisoned in 5e

    Poisoned in 5e – Potential for Deadly Effects

    In this article, you’ll find out all the ways to apply and counter the Poisoned Condition in 5e DND. Depending on the poison, it can be mild, to severe.

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  • Petrified in 5e

    Petrified in 5e – The Nightmare of Being Locked in Stone

    The Petrified condition in 5e DND is one of the most dangerous conditions. However, it can also be used to save lives. How? Technically, it stops time…

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