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Hey there, Welcome to Notes of Yore!

On this website, you’ll find a number of articles that revolve around tabletop RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons, as well as some useful resources for your campaigns. The site is still new, so bear with me as I build out the rest of it (Mostly finished, but I’m not super happy with this homepage yet.)

Recently Released Posts

  • Percentile die and d10 - 90 and 3 - How to roll a D100

    How to Roll a D100, It’s Easy – Hint, You Need Two Dice

    How to roll a D100 – The Answer is that you roll a D10 and a percentile die together, unless you have a dedicated d100.

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  • Virtual tabletop

    3 of the Best Virtual Tabletop Games to Play DND

    There are a lot of Virtual Tabletop software options out there. In this article, I list three of them that I have used (Or was informed of by my own group).

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Cartographer’s Notebook – Worldbuilding for Game Masters

Goals and Milestones –

Latest Milestone achieved –

  • Launch Notes of Yore – 09/18/2021

Goals for Notes of Yore –

  • (For Players) Write more Homebrew Content:
    • Spells, Classes, & more
  • (For Dungeon Masters) Create descriptions of areas to use in your adventures
  • Create resources and answer commonly asked questions by both players and prospective dungeon masters

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