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Descriptions for Tabletop Storytelling - Forest Setting  A Harmless Prank

Welcome to this resource I created for tabletop enthusiasts! In this little story series, you'll find descriptions of areas to use for your worldbuilding and storytelling needs!

If you intend to use these descriptions in your campaign, and you wish to record and post the adventure on YouTube or some other media site, I request that you mention Notes of Yore in the video description. (Or give a link, if you're feeling generous!) This isn't required, but I would greatly appreciate it, as it would help motivate me to create more.

Walking through the woods, a dense fog ominously rolls in. The path is quickly obscured, and you can barely see five feet in front of you. This is, of course, when a terrifying cackle begins echoing throughout the woods, making it impossible to determine the location. A howl of a wolf then joins it, and the roar of a lion soon after. *Continued Next Slide

A Harmless Prank

A smell of burning tar fills your nostrils, and then that of brimstone not long after. An orange glow can be seen in the distance, and that terrifying cackle is growing louder, accompanied by the crackle of a fire. The fog turns black with smoke, but oddly enough, you feel no need to cough, and your eyes aren't irritated. *Continued in next slide

A Harmless Prank

It is then that you hear a child's voice giggle "My turn my turn!" it says gleefully. The cackling suddenly stops and you hear a, "Shh!! You'll ruin the fun!" by another childs voice. *Skill Checks Next Slide

A Harmless Prank

A Harmless Prank

Perception, 12 Skill Check: 

You hear light footsteps of something small not too far away.

Arcana, 11 Skill Check: 

You quickly realize that this is just a layered effect of the minor illusion spell being cast by multiple people, along with a fog cloud first level spell. It seems to be "A Harmless Prank".