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Descriptions for Tabletop Storytelling - Highland Setting Sting's Fall

Welcome to this resource I created for tabletop enthusiasts! In this little story series, you'll find descriptions of areas to use for your worldbuilding and storytelling needs!

If you intend to use these descriptions in your campaign, and you wish to record and post the adventure on YouTube or some other media site, I request that you mention Notes of Yore in the video description. (Or give a link, if you're feeling generous!) This isn't required, but I would greatly appreciate it, as it would help motivate me to create more.

Nearing the coastline, you see the ocean in the distance. Approaching it, you realize that the ground suddenly drops sharply. You are at the edge of a cliff, and a huge one at that. The sun-bleached rockface of the earth lay exposed seaward, revealing a myriad of brilliant strata. It is quite beautiful. *Continued Next Slide

Sting's Fall

The wind is quite powerful near the edge, and grains of sand pepper your face. Your attire and equipment are rippling at the mercy of its currents. Your pouch of coins sways just enough to shift its contents, causing them to jingle slightly, their metallic clanks barely audible over the symphony of the wind, waves, and your clothing. *Continued in next slide

Sting's Fall

In the wind, you can taste the salt in the air, accompanied by a hint of fish. Even so, it is not unpleasant. It is warm, despite the chill of the wind. The clear blue skies dominate the horizon, interrupted only by the blazing sun that radiates its heat in all directions. There appears to be a way down to the small beach below, though it looks dangerous. . . *Skill Checks in Next Slide

Sting's Fall

Sting's Fall

Perception, 15 Skill Check: 

Looking over the edge of the cliff, you see a cove recessed next to a small arch of bleached stone. You can also make out bits of hewn planks being thrown against the coastline, the remnants of ill-fated sea-faring vessels that were torn to pieces against the power of the ocean and the earth.

History, 11 Skill Check:

At the edge of the cliff, there is a Cairn, a grave marker for one who has passed. You recognize this place now, you read about it in one of your favorite books! It's called "Sting's Fall". Apparently, it was named this after a party of adventurers laid to rest one of their friends at his homeland. These adventurers were the ones who brought down a powerful White Dragon in Fandar.