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Descriptions for Tabletop Storytelling - Forest Setting The Croaking Pond

Welcome to this resource I created for tabletop enthusiasts! In this little story series, you'll find descriptions of areas to use for your worldbuilding and storytelling needs!

If you intend to use these descriptions in your campaign, and you wish to record and post the adventure on YouTube or some other media site, I request that you mention Notes of Yore in the video description. (Or give a link, if you're feeling generous!) This isn't required, but I would greatly appreciate it, as it would help motivate me to create more.

You come across a small, crystal-clear pond. Scattered across its surface is an occasional patch of algae and a smattering of yellow-green lily pads. You notice some of the lily pads even have frogs sitting on them, and fish can be seen swimming lazily underneath the surface. The wind is still, and you can easily hear a cacophony of insects playing their relaxing symphony. This is broken up by the occasional croaking of a frog, and plooshing noises of a fish catching its insect meal. It is serene and peaceful. *Continued Next Slide

The Croaking Pond

The smell of a marsh is very strong, a hint of decay smattered with the freshness of new plant life. Accompanying that is a pungent smell of fish. *Continued in next slide

The Croaking Pond

Across the other side of the pond, you can see tall bushes, and an old stone bridge can be seen off to your right in the distance. You aren't far from civilization, but it feels like you could be in the middle of nowhere. *Skill Checks Next Slide

The Croaking Pond

The Croaking Pond

Perception, 14 Skill Check: 

You see a pair of yellow eyes looking directly at you from the tall bushes across the pond.

Nature, 10 Skill Check: 

You see a large boulder with an engraving on it. It depicts a female and a horned humanoid creature sitting under a tree, resting upon each other's shoulders.

Combat Encounter - Hard

First Level Encounter 3 Panthers (Monster Manual Pg 333) XP to Award: 150