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Descriptions for Tabletop Storytelling - Forest Setting The Giant's Hill

Welcome to this resource I created for tabletop enthusiasts! In this little story series, you'll find descriptions of areas to use for your worldbuilding and storytelling needs!

If you intend to use these descriptions in your campaign, and you wish to record and post the adventure on YouTube or some other media site, I request that you mention Notes of Yore in the video description. (Or give a link, if you're feeling generous!) This isn't required, but I would greatly appreciate it, as it would help motivate me to create more.

As you make your way across the woods, you come to the edge of a cliff. Looking over the edge, you are met with a sea of trees peppering the hills in the distance. It goes on for several miles, and you can see a low fog rolling towards you, chased by the morning sun evaporating the dew into a light mist. The view is breathtaking. *Continued Next Slide

The Giant's Hill

Speaking of breathtaking, a gentle breeze blows from behind you, causing the trees to rustle gently, and you catch a whiff of your traveling companions - clearly, one, or more of them need a wash. You spot some yellow flowers nearby, and you immediately go to them to take a whiff - it's an improvement over the stench of your companions, that's for sure. *Continued in next slide

The Giant's Hill

As you do so, you can hear a parrot in a tree nearby repeating a phrase in some language that you swear is elvish. Unfortunately, you don't know what it is saying, but it seems spooked, yet determined. (Players must know Elvish to hear this instead.) As you do so, you can hear a parrot in a tree repeating a warning in elvish: "The Third Hill is where the Giant Sleeps, Beware! Beware!"  It seems spooked, but determined. *Skill Checks Next Slide

The Giant's Hill

The Giant's Hill

Perception, 12 Skill Check: 

You hear a snoring sound echoing through the hills. It appears to be coming from the third hill on the left, about a half-mile away.

Nature, 10 Skill Check: 

As you explore the small cliffside clearing, you find a bark tablet, inscribed in common "The Giant's Hill, beware the Third Hill."