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Descriptions for Tabletop Storytelling - Forest Setting Varian Fort Ruins

Welcome to this resource I created for tabletop enthusiasts! In this little story series, you'll find descriptions of areas to use for your worldbuilding and storytelling needs!

If you intend to use these descriptions in your campaign, and you wish to record and post the adventure on YouTube or some other media site, I request that you mention Notes of Yore in the video description. (Or give a link, if you're feeling generous!) This isn't required, but I would greatly appreciate it, as it would help motivate me to create more.

As you make your way through the woods, you come across a dilapidated and overgrown stone fort, its mighty grey walls in rubble and scorched from a battle. You see several discarded weapons on the ground, most of them rusted and made worthless by the elements. Near those weapons are bodies, several of which have long since decayed into skeletons. Whatever happened here, it wasn't recent. You're beginning to feel very uncomfortable. *Continued Next Slide

Varian Fort Ruins

It has been abandoned so long that nature has started to reclaim the earth that the fort was built on. Beneath your feet is a layer of vibrant green moss, but there are patches of a cobbled stone path visible beneath the layer of moss. *Continued in next slide

Varian Fort Ruins

There are no banners lining the walls of the fort that you can see, and the gatehouse has collapsed in on itself. Then you finally realize the cause of your discomfort - the sounds of nature are completely absent. Something feels very wrong...

Varian Fort Ruins

Combat Encounter - Hard

First level Party 2-3 Skeletons  (Monster Manual Pg 272)

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Varian Fort Ruins

History, 18 Skill Check: 

You recognize the architecture of this fort in a story about a man who proclaimed himself king of this region one hundred years ago. Problem was, he wasn't, and the actual king naturally took offense to this. The story goes that there was a major battle that took place here at "King Varian's Fort", escalating into a civil war lasting seven years that took the lives of thousands at the whims of the warring kings. The war finally ended when the people had enough of being tools of the king's war, and turned on their kings, holding public executions of both. According to the legend, in his dying breath, King Varian cursed his former vassals as the headsman's ax came down. The people were naturally superstitious and abandoned the fort in fear of falling victim. You're amazed you remembered this.