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Marbled Blue Polyhedral Dice Set

A blue polyhedral dice set for tabletop roleplaying games. Features gold numbers, and a good weight.

This is my favorite set of dice for tabletop roleplaying games that I own. They consistently roll mid to high, and I choose them when trying to win a skill check. They are made out of acrylic and are very satisfying to roll.

They aren’t very heavy, and they tend to roll a lot before stopping, making it a bit difficult to try and roll them a certain way. I like this fact, as I’m not tempted to try and fix my rolls – It’s more fun when it’s more random. It comes with a D10 that is marked with percentages, and a traditional D10, to be used together for rolling a D100.

It also comes with a grey dice pouch(that I lost, so no pictures sadly) that felt nice to the touch. Though if memory serves, the stitching was pretty poor.

Because they are made of acrylic, they are fairly resistant to scratches, though the lettering has started to chip off with regular use (See my D12, the 9.). Expect to need to paint some new letters on later on as they see use in your adventures.


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